Oh what deliciousness

Torque IPA
  • Our signature beer, a perfect balance of hops and one of our most popular brews for a reason! There is not too much of anything and just enough of everything to make this a beer one you can drink on any occasion. The hop flavor really comes to the front of your pallet after all that’s why we love IPA's, we want to taste, smell and experience those hops in our beer
Drop Hammer Pale Ale 
  • A refreshing medium body golden pale ale showcasing Centennial and Cascade hops which add complexity, character and aroma. Clean and crisp with a touch of citrus and malt make it easy to drink with a slightly bitter aftertaste that will have you enjoying this brew every time. 

Magnus Oatmeal Milk Chocolate Stout
  • Full of body and full of flavor. Take a rich, dark stout and add a touch of the sweetness of milk chocolate. A perfect blend of dark cocoa and hops for bitterness mixed with lactose and oats to add a smooth creamy mouth feel and a kiss of roasted coffee. Make a beer float out of it, put it in that chocolate cake recipe or drink it straight. 
Cincinatus English Strong Brown Ale
  • Imperial Brown Ale with a deep balanced flavor. High gravity English style beer with a malt forward profile. The dark grains are present with very little bitterness so the subtle sweetness really comes out. Certainly not traditional but definitely delicious. 
Cataclysm Imperial IPA
  • You love all of your children, but you might love some just a little more. All of our brews are our babies and with this one there is a lot to love. Copious hops with a crisp finish; this IPA is built out of all the best things we loved from our favorite IPA’s combined into one brilliant result. Take a drink, take two and enjoy! 
Coup d’état Chardonnay Oak Infused Biére de Garde
  • French Saison/Farmhouse style ale with medium malt and slight toast and caramel. Finishes dry with the Chardonnay and oak adding a subtle sweetness and depth. 
Denunciation Triple IPA
  • And I will pour out upon you my denunciation. With the fire of my fury I shall blow upon you, and I will give you into the hand of men who are unreasoning, the craftsmen of ruination. 
Ivy League Blonde Ale
  • Easy on the eyes and even easier to drink. It is the beer you always wanted but never had. Just the right amount of body in a smooth, refreshing ale. This mid-gravity session beer is clear, light, refreshing and aromatic. You can throw down a few of these on a hot day and not be dancing on the tables (unless you want too). Once you drink an Ivy League Blond it will ruin you for all others.
Wet Hopped Pale Ale

 Black Mack Cascadian Dark Ale

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